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Our firm has represented numerous public employers on personnel matters.

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School Personnel

Educator termination and non-renewal arise from a complex statutory scheme that can often result in expensive due process hearings and appeals. Our firm has represented numerous public employers on personnel matters. Our firm has in excess of 50 years of cumulative experience in the area of personnel litigation. Our attorneys practice employment law on a daily basis for a wide range of clients including school districts, state agencies, teacher organizations, private employers, and individual clients. In conjunction with a district's staff and as part of its preventive/in-service training activities, the firm has developed and implemented streamlined processes to satisfactorily resolve personnel issues. We can do this without unnecessary Board meetings or numerous lengthy due process hearings. Should the need arise to conduct hearings or to litigate, the firm=s attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who know how to try personnel cases in both administrative and judicial forums.

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