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The Importance of the Superintendent Evaluation Process

The superintendent evaluation is a critical management and accountability tool. It helps the Superintendent understand the expectations of the trustees and allows for boards to articulate its expectations to the superintendent. Trustees should understand how to use this tool to help oversee their district and work with the superintendent to work towards high student achievement.

This article will explore the importance of the superintendent evaluation and provide information on how to evaluate your superintendent. Superintendents are the chief school administrators in their districts. They manage and direct all activities of a school system, including teaching staff members, support personnel, students, parents/guardians and other stakeholders. Superintendents oversee budgets to ensure they meet appropriate standards for financial responsibility while ensuring that academic goals are being met.

There is no one way to approach the superintendent evaluation; each district has different requirements on how evaluations should be conducted. However there are some key components that should be included in any effective process:

  1. Board Goals - These must be clearly defined before you hire or evaluate a Superintendent. Board goals should serve as the basis for a Superintendent’s evaluation.

  2. Progress Measures - Criteria should be used throughout the year to measure “progress” in reaching goals. These are monthly or quarterly “checkups” on annual goals

  3. Performance Measures - These will define how a Board measures “success during the evaluation period.

  4. Data Collection & Analysis The board should have a clearly defined methodology and personnel for collecting data throughout the year, which is then analyzed in order to compare with Board defined goals and objectives.

  5. Verbal & Written Feedback A formal review process should include both written and verbal feedback.

As you can see, there are many different elements that must be considered when completing superintendent evaluations. With an effective plan of action in place, together with the superintendent, the board can ensure its district continues its mission of providing students with high quality education while maintaining fiscal responsibility for all stakeholders.

If you have any questions regarding the superintendent evaluation process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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