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Nick Maddox


Nick Maddox represents a broad range of public entities such as public schools, municipalities, and emergency services districts across the state of Texas. Mr. Maddox serves as general legal counsel to both governmental boards and their administration. He focuses his practice on public governance, employment & labor law, and public administrative needs. In school district representation, Mr. Maddox serves as the Firm’s special education attorney where he interprets and enforces federal special education law on the behalf of Texas public schools.  He is licensed to practice in every state and federal jurisdiction in Texas.

Mr. Maddox is a frequent speaker and has presented at numerous state, regional, and local district conferences on topics such as public governance, employment, and education law. He also conducts individualized on-site trainings across the state to keep his clients informed of new laws, updates, and best practices. 

Nick Maddox: TeamMember
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