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Construction and First Party Insurance Litigation

Our attorneys provide legal services to school districts, state agencies, units of local government, private contractors, and individual property owners in presenting property damage insurance claims, construction disputes, and in litigation involving construction and architectural contracts. Our fundamental knowledge and vast experience in this area allows for a very short learning curve. We can quickly understand and manage insurance and construction controversies, thereby reducing costs. Our goal is to eliminate delay claims and put the project back on schedule as quickly as possible. Our legal services include drafting and negotiating contracts for construction and for professional design services and development of standard and model contracts. While our firm has developed specialized architectural and construction contracts for school districts which more appropriately contain costs and allocate risks in the client’s favor, as compared with standard AIA contracts, we also have access to the standard AIA contracts. We also offer advice regarding competitive bidding procedures, construction disputes and other construction matters, monitoring and coordination of construction litigation, dispute resolution, and counsel regarding new and innovative methods of project delivery.

Construction and First Party Insurance Litigation: Practices
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