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Dr. Emilio Castro Named Lone Finalist for Dilley ISD!

After an extensive and comprehensive Superintendent search process, which attracted more than 30 applicants from across the country, the Dilley ISD Board of Trustees is proud to announce that Dr. Emilio P. Castro has been named the Lone Finalist for the position of Superintendent of Schools.

Dr. Emilio Castro brings 25 years of experience in education to Dilley ISD. He has served as a bilingual teacher, assistant principal, elementary, middle, and high school principal, as well as assistant superintendent, deputy superintendent, and superintendent of schools.

Dr. Castro is originally from the great town of Ralls, Texas, and has served in both rural and large urban school districts. He loves reading and spending time with family and friends.

Dr. Castro graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with his Bachelor’s degree, followed by a Masters, and Doctorate degrees both from Texas A&M-Commerce, he firmly believes that our best years are still ahead of us.

“Having grown up in a small town about one-third the size of Dilley, I cannot express how excited I am to have the opportunity to serve in God’s country. With nearly 200 businesses, and organizations registered in Dilley, the greatest resource will always be the people, and I cannot wait to listen, learn, serve and lead in Dilley ISD and the greater community.” -Dr. Emilio Castro-

The search was conducted by the law firm of O’Hanlon, Demerath, & Castillo, in conjunction with Dr. Abelardo Saavedra and Dr. Daniel King.

Dilley ISD will now enter the 21-day waiting period required by state law.

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